San Academy, Kamakotinagar
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Intra Competitions: We aim at focusing on each child’s overall development not just through academics but also through various Intra competitions which inculcate the perfect blend of knowledge and skills. An opportunity that helps to build the spirit of healthy competition and achievement amongst students as it plays a substantial role in shaping up one’s confidence and soft skills. Communication skills, public speaking skills, art, creativity, language skills, thought provoking public awareness activities, team building activities, creative writing, slogan writing etc are the different areas in which the competitions are held and the students are exposed to, depending on their grade level. It is conducted every month.

Inter Competitions:The school organizes several inter school activities and competitions to provide multi-dimensional exposure in various facets in view of positive learning, socialization skills and personal development skills to give a perfect balance of both academics and co-curricular activities. This includes various competitions like elocution, drawing and art, recitation, Indian and Western dance and Spell bee in different categories. Students also get opportunities to participate in competitions conducted by other schools in the city.