San Academy, Kamakotinagar
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Inter School Competition Winners (2017-18)
Fourth Bodhidharma Memorial National Open Karate Championship 2018
  1. Sreharshini.T of VA - Second 
  2. Tarun Mario Vijay of VA - Second 
  3. Varun.D of VA - Second  
  4. Tamizh Maran of IIA - Second 
  5. Adarsh Ashok of IB -Second 
  6. Kavya.F of VA - Third
  7. Nisita Singh.E of VA - Third 
  8. Md Affan of VA - Third 
  9. Badri Naraian of IVA - Third 
  10. S.Sadhana of IIIA - Third
  11. Hari Prasanna.V.N of IIIA - Third  
  12. Josiah Gabriel.J of IIIA - Third
  13. Bhargav Naraian of IIA - Third
  14. Dhanya.S of class IA - Third   
  15. Nitish.K of IA - Third
  16. Sanaa Tazmeen.M of  IB - Third 
  17. Seyon.S of IB - Third
Karate Winners

SAN Academy has marked yet another milestone in their splendid achievements during this academic year, when their students won so many trophies and certificates in the Fourth Bodhidharma Memorial National Open Karate Championship 2018, an open karate national level event, which was held on February 18th, 2018 at Kanchipuram. All the karate students from classes I-V of SAN ACADEMY, Kamakoti Nagar participated in this National level open karate championship. Many laurels from this event were bestowed upon the students, as they proved their talent, passion and dedication they had for this martial art, thus marking this as a memorable and prestigious event for them and also for the school.  As the saying goes, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an action but a habit”, the students of SAN Academy are trained in martial arts such as karate repeatedly and regularly making them ready to face the challenges put forth before them.

MJ Flyers 2K17- Mahalakshmi Vidyamandir 05.01.2018
San Students won second prize in Malakshmi vidya mandir, Pallavaram.(L-R)Naveena.M.S, Sanjay Ramasamy,Srinivas, Varun.D,Md.Affan, Madhumitta Pilla, Hanishka Sareng, Sowmithra Sri, Tarun Mario Vijay
Christmas Carols Competition - St.John's Sr. Sec. School-02.12.2017
SAN SYMPHONY is an official group of SAN students from primary classes who are trained efficiently in singing all varieties of rhythm and songs. As a first step, school choir team has participated in the Christmas carols competition held on 02.12.2017.
District level Chess Competition - St.John's Sr. Sec. School-02.12.2017
Students of classes I-V are efficiently trained in chess by providing individual attention. Their acknowledgement of merit has been proved in the state level tournament conducted by St.John’s Public School, Medavakkam on 02.12.2017.
Fairy fiesta'17 - St.John's Sr. Sec. School-24.11.2017
Overall First Prize and Rolling Trophy of Fairy's Fiesta-2017 bagged by SAN ACADEMY-KAMAKOTI NAGAR
Retro Dance-Class II-Second Prize (Solo)
Sai deveshwar
Drawing - Class II - Sandhya.T - Second Prize
Folk Dance-Class V- First Prize
Sre Harshini.T
Nisita Singh
Jothi Prabha
Ansil Tahizeer
Lohith Roopesh
Children of class V bagged FIRST prize in Fairy's Fiesta competition conducted by St.John's Sr. Secondary School, Mandaiveli on 24.11.2017
Group Dance-Class IV-Third prize
Sanjay Ramaswamy
Hanishka Sareng
Madhumitha Pilla
Tharun Adhithya
Children of class IV bagged THIRD prize in Fairy's Fiesta competition conducted by St.John's Sr. Secondary School, Mandaiveli on 24.11.2017
Glitz'17 - Jeppiar Matriculation Hr.Secondary School-23,24.08.2017
Sanchitha Mahesh bagged second prize in Kalakkal Killadies competition conducted by Jeppiar Matriculation Hr.Secondary School on 24.08.2017 Winners and Participants are congratulated by our beloved trustee, Ms.Archana Anand of Glitz-17 conducted by Jeppiar Matriculation Hr.Sec.School. (L-R) Jothi Prabha-V, Nisita Singh-V, Madhumitha Pilla - IV, Sanchitha Mahesh-III, Shakthi Kavithayini-III, Jonina Sharon-III, Aaraadhana-III, Vethavarna-IV.
International English Olympiad - (2016-17)

Sanchitha Mahesh, Class III - International First rank holder in English Olympiad Examination conducted by British Council for the year 2016-17