San Academy, Kamakotinagar
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About The School

SAN ACADEMY school aims to develop a good sense of discipline and moral values to cater to the ever-changing social norms of the society. Children of these days are more sensitive, with a very high self esteem and believe in independent thinking. Therefore, we ensure the approach to motivate and get the best out of children based on the positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior. Our educational philosophy is centered around praise, encouragement, enthusiasm and affection, rather than criticism, fear and punishment.

We also believe that every child is unique in nature with varying needs. Therefore, by fostering a conducive environment full of love, care and creativity we instill in our children a desire to learn with emphasis on their social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, intellectual and developmental aspects.

“Explore, Enrichment and Exposure”

“To explore the journey of education towards Enrichment and Exposure giving Holistic Education.“ we have proud academic tradition and maximise every learning opportunity to shape our students’ future through high quality, values enriched teaching and learning.

“To enrich the students with a variety of experiences to achieve academic, physical and human excellence”

Giving exposure and extending various platforms to exhibit the innate talents of children is the prime duty of any educational institution. SAN Academy is one such institution that believes in the all round development of the child in preparing each one of them to face world at large.


“Keep Reaching for the stars”

Every child is a unique blessing of God and it is for us to nurture the ability of children to achieve their best in their lives as every child has something great in store for future.