The Trustee - Mrs. Archana Anand

Ms. Archana Anand a visionary in the field of education has an engineering background and an M.B.A to her credit. She aims at taking her schools to the pinnacle of achievements by making her children excel in all arenas. Ms.Archana strongly believes in freedom of action and thought for her children.She aims in extending a holistic education and wants her children always to excel and achieve their dreams. She says that the strides of growth for SAN ACADEMY is so promising that five years hence she looks at SAN ACADEMY as one of the top ranking CBSE schools in Chennai city.Every student is an unpolished stone when she or he enters into the school. It is up to the school to polish them into unique diamonds to face the challenge of the complex world in the future. According to her, every SAN-ite should jump out of the bed to say “I love my school” and Mrs. Archana will not leave any stone unturned for the growth of her students. She insists on the learning environment being conducive and productive with the help of audio-visual aids, computers, smart-boards etc. She constantly focuses on faculty development through upgrading of teaching skills in the terms of matter as well as manner at regular intervals.

The Principal - Mrs. Ganga Natarajan
Mrs. Padma Priya

Mrs.Ganga Natarajan is a dedicated administrator and educationist. She sincerely believes that ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world.’Mrs.Ganga is a Post graduate in Economics along with a professional degree in Finance. She has served more than two decades in the field of education. She has gained rich experiences while working for a premier institution in Chennai.
Mrs.Ganga has been a passionate and caring teacher. She is a proud recipient of ‘Best Teacher Award 2009’ by Lions Club of Velachery and ‘Best Teacher Award 2014’ by the South Cluster of Chennai Sahodaya School Complex for her exceptional commitment towards her profession. She has also been recognized by SOF, Akil Bhartiya Sabha for her outstanding contribution in organizing various events at National and Inter-National level.

She has successfully adopted best practices in administration and management, staff recruitment and training. As an administrator she has been firmly result-oriented with a steady vision.  Her rich exposure to CBSE curricula has empowered her with a diverse and innovative approach as an academic leader. She is a strong believer of "teaching the child and not the subject" which involves experiential learning strategies that foster critical thinking.

During her tenure she has attended various workshops and training sessions organized by CBSE and other reputed organisations in curriculum design, technology in education, assessment and evaluation, professional development for teachers, pedagogies based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences, learning styles, physical education in curriculum and school administration related skills.
She is a qualified Bhartanatyam dancer and has encouraged and given various opportunities to her students in co-curricular programs for holistic development. She is also instrumental in School exchange programs between India, UK, Singapore and Australia.

With her rich experience and multi-faceted personality she will lead the school community with vision and dedication.

She strongly believes that Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”