Nursery - Febuary
The theme for the month is Transport

The children learn about

  • To identify land, air, rail and water transport
  • The road safety rules and regulations
  • Shape: Revision of all shapes and colour violet

The alphabets for the month A a – M m

The children learn

  • To identify the alphabets and the phonetic sound
  • Words beginning with A a – M m sounds
  • Writing patterns: Revision of all patterns
  • Identify sight words: big, small, get, give, these, five, there
  • Other concept: The difference between rough and smooth
The numbers for the month: 1 - 10

The children learn

  • To identify numbers 1 - 10
Art and craft Special Day Group activity
Related to project day Project day
Show & Tell
Stick sign board picture on a chart

Home Link

  • Read a story book daily
  • Talk about the theme and show pictures related to it
  • Guide your child to complete home link activities